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updated july 24:
2018 RMHBDA Annual Walk Challenge


We’ve received the Alsaka chapter’s response video. They’ve risen admirably to our challenge with more teams right now. The two states of our chapter need to step up and build teams to take the lead. Brad has a video appeal, please watch!

Hello All,
Our chapter has challenged the Alaska Chapter!
The challenge is that we raise more walk teams than the Alaska chapter before July 28th. If we lose we will send the Alaska team with the most participants a healthy portion of bison meat from Montana or Wyoming. If we win, we will receive some Alaskan salmon to be given to our team with the most participants registered by July 28th. Please see our challenge video.

We hope you will consider taking a few minutes to register your team before July 28th

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

On behalf of the RMHBDA Board or Directors, we appreciate your continued support of our annual walk. Happy Summer to you and your family!
— Brad Benne, ED


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2018 RMHBDA Family Camp

August 10–12, 2018

Flathead Methodist Camp, 
Rollins, MT


Each summer, RMHBDA invites affected families living in Montana and Wyoming to attend a weekend retreat. The weekend is packed full of education, bonding, and fun!

For the parents and teens, we will have teambuilding programming led by our guest, hemophilia leadership expert, Pat Torrey and some time to relax with other families. This is a great opportunity to learn from and share experiences with one another.

We also have many great activities planned for our campers including arts & crafts projects, field games, and educational sessions for children with bleeding disorders and their siblings. Infusion classes will be offered from our HTC.

Register now! Deadline July 10

Contact Brad with any questions at brad@rmhbda.org, 406.586.4050

Education Scholarships

Applications accepted January 1 — June 1 each year

We believe that knowledge and understanding is the key to the future for the bleeding disorders community. We also understand that generous service and commitment of our members is the reason for the success of RMHBDA. With this scholarship we want to recognize those individuals who have shown commitment to the bleeding disorders community through their actions. We look to all those within our reach; those with bleeding disorders, parents, siblings, etc. We want to reward those who show courage, understanding and a commitment to the betterment of the lives of those affected. We wish all students the very best of luck in their endeavors.

Download Full Documentation

Patient Assistance Programs

A great new resource from the NHF:

“While the ACA’s implementation did many great things to provide access to healthcare coverage for the hemophilia and related bleeding disorders community, affordability still remains an issue for many. NHF’s Public Policy Team is often asked about resources available to assist patients with paying their premiums or out-of-pocket costs. In response to your inquiries, we have developed this document detailing patient assistance programs that remain available to members of the bleeding disorders community. Note the “accurate as of” date in red at the top right-hand corner. As changes are made to any of the programs listed, we will do our best to update the Patient Assistance document, and make the most recent version available to you.

“We have mentioned in previous updates that some insurers are not accepting third party assistance for qualified health plans (QHPs) purchased in the health insurance marketplace. The list currently includes certain insurers in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, New York, Nebraska and Louisiana. Therefore, it is possible that consumers will not be able to use an assistance program if they are enrolled in one of these plans.”

Patient Assistance Programs documents

RMHBDA Patient Assistance Fund Criteria (updated April 2018)

RMHBDA Patient Assistance Application (updated April 2018)


from NHF (updated 9/15/14)

Page contents

Old articles are available here

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