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As a nonprofit, RMHBDA seeks donations to expand programs and patient assistance for those in Montana and Wyoming affected by blood disorders. Blood disorders are medically manageable, but at an extremely high cost.

All of our funding comes from the generosity of concerned individuals, businesses, and organizations — just like you. Your donations are deductible on your state and federal income tax; please consult your tax advisor for information specific to your situation. To donate, you may use PayPal, Amazonsmile, email us a check, or contact us with any questions about how your donation can and will be used.

Become a Board Member

Governance of any nonprofit is critically important and requires dedication and a commitment to the mission of the organization. As a volunteer, board members are responsible for oversight, fundraising, long range planning, and ensuring the long term success of the organization. We have been privileged to have exceptional board members since our inception. If you think you would like to serve as a board member, please contact our executive director to arrange to attend a board meeting to become familiar with the work of the board and then complete our board application form.

For the first time in RMHBDA history, we'll be inviting a teen (preferably between 15-20 y/o) to join our BOD in 2021. We are excited to include a young voice in the decision-making process!

2020 Teen Board RMHBDA Rep Ap Form.docx