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Advertising & Sponsorships

We are proud to have the support of great organizations that help in so many ways. As an active nonprofit, there are always opportunities to help us with ongoing programs as well as special events. With the high cost of treating and living with blood disorders, we try to provide as much funding as possible for our members. Since our mission area covers a huge geographic area, we even try to cover cost of travel when possible. Contact Brad Benne at 406.586.4050 to discuss these and/or other opportunities to support our community in a very visible manner.

Website Ads

Having a strong and professional online presence is important to all organizations, but especially for a supportive nonprofit organization such as ours. Advertising on this website currently includes these options:

  • Home page left column, top of column. 149 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall.
    When there is demand, this is sometimes a rotating ad between two advertisers for non-competing products, stacked below in left column is also available. Other pages are available. Provide as PNG (preferred) or JPG (Photoshop quality 10).
  • In-column ad. 516 pixels wide x maximum of 250 pixels tall.
    This ad appears after the first article on the page then after each article thereafter if the first position is currently used.
  • Company logo. 150 pixels wide x height based on aspect ratio of logo.
    Ongoing sponsor logos appear on the Home page and Company Contacts page. Taglines are not accommodated.
  • Facebook cover page logo. 150 pixels wide x height based on aspect ratio.
    Includes text "proud sponsor of RMHBDA" or "Sponsored by." Taglines are accommodated.

All ads are accompanied by the statement "RMHBDA Sponsor Ad." Ads link as requested by advertiser. Web traffic, like our organization, is small, but Google Analytics are available on request.

Newsletter Ads

RMHBDA produces a seasonal quarterly newsletter as a high-quality, professionally-designed full-color, 12-page, 8.5x11" printed piece. The newsletter is also distributed as an Acrobat PDF file and permanently available on this website.

Four sizes are available:

  • Full page. 7.5" x 10". Full page ads appear with narrow margins (bleed is not available) and without competing newsletter page header or footer.
  • Half-Page Horizontal. 7.5" x (4.5 " to 5.375"). Appear on pages with another ad or editorial content (not coordinated).
  • Half-Page Vertical. 3.8125" x 9". Appear on pages with another ad or editorial content (not coordinated).

Art not sized correctly will be scaled for best fit. Preferred format is Acrobat PDF with embedded fonts; JPG is acceptable (but not recommended) at 300 dpi or higher, though compression degradation can occur.

Education Weekend

The annual Education Weekend is for people affected by bleeding disorders in Montana and Wyoming. Affected individuals and their families are invited for a weekend of informative sessions, youth programming for all ages, and the opportunity to connect with others dealing with similar challenges. This education weekend and annual meeting of RMHBDA is designed to provide education, up-to-date information about life with a bleeding disorder, and the opportunity to connect with other families in RMHBDA's two-state area.

Family Camp

Each summer, RMHBDA invites affected families living in Montana and Wyoming to attend a weekend retreat. The weekend is packed full of education, bonding, and fun! For the parents and teens, we have team-building programming led a hemophilia leadership expert and some time to relax with other families. This is a great opportunity to learn from and share experiences with one another.

Mile High Colorado Camp

This event is for children with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders and siblings of the above groups. Mile High Colorado Camp is for ages 7–18, though we accept 6-year-olds on a case-by-case basis. Programming is determined by age.

Annual Hemophilia Walk

RMHBDA participates in the National Hemophilia Association's annual walk event. This has been a fun event and an effective fundraiser for us. The event has been held in either Bozeman or Billings, so far. Team and Personal Fundraisers compete for the Top Team and Personal Fundraiser Awards in the state from Montana and Wyoming. All proceeds from this event benefit Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association.

Ongoing Operations

Even though RMHBDA is an exceedingly efficient organization with excellent oversight provided by passionate board members, all organizations have overhead and ongoing costs. We always invite generous donations to our operations!

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