We believe that knowledge and understanding is the key to the future for the bleeding disorders community. We also understand that generous service and commitment of our members is the reason for the success of RMHBDA. With our RMHBDA Education scholarship, we want to recognize those individuals who have shown commitment to the bleeding disorders community through their actions. We look to all those within our reach; those with bleeding disorders, parents, siblings, etc. We want to reward those who show courage, understanding and a commitment to the betterment of the lives of those affected. We wish all students the very best of luck in their endeavors.

Also check out our list of 2022 bleeding disorders scholarships, which includes a multitude of scholarships that students in MT and WY can apply for!


Are you newly diagnosed or searching for more information about bleeding disorders? You're in the right place. Click "More Information" to learn about the different types of bleeding disorders and other educational resources.

RMHBDA has many different connections and resources to help families who are affected by bleeding disorders. We offer financial assistance as a nonprofit. Check out our fund criteria and fill out the RMHBDA Patient Assistance Application to be considered.

Check out our list of patient assistance programs if you are seeking financial relief.